Aladdin Freight has merged with West Coast Shipping

Aladdin Freight has merged with West Coast Shipping

In March 2015, Aladdin Freight has completed its merger with West Coast Shipping. All operations and employees, including Jon, Veronica, and the superb loading team have joined West Coast Shipping.

From the operations perspective, nothing changes for Aladdin’s customers. You will continue to receive the quality service you are accustomed to. You will also continue to work directly with Jon and Veronica.

Jon can be reached at or +1-510-725-4834

Veronica can be reached at or +1-510-849-6993

The Aladdin office number remains the same: (510) 533-0400.

The only thing that changed is the office location:

The previous Aladdin Freight warehouse at 401 Lesser Street Oakland, CA 94601 is no longer operational.

All vehicles being shipped overseas are to be delivered to: 1200 Wright Avenue Richmond, CA 94804.